Consider PDXN Ultrasound Lab in Scarborough Instead of The Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department

If you need to find an ultrasound lab in Scarborough, consider Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN) for your diagnostic and imaging needs. Most people tend to gravitate to hospitals when they have been advised to get an ultrasound, but it is simply because they are not aware that they can procure the same services from an independent facility.

An independent healthcare centre, like PDXN, is an out of hospital Health facility set up by the Ministry of Health Ontario with services that comply with Ministry of Health regulations. The Quality of services are assessed regularly by both the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Public health.

With multiple locations across Scarborough, an Independent X-ray and ultrasound facility like PDXN offers an alternative to the heavy wait times at hospitals for imaging and diagnostics.

What Are the Benefits of Booking at An Independent Healthcare Centre?

Visiting an ultrasound lab at a Scarborough PDXN location can offer many benefits over hospital diagnostic departments. For example, the reassurance of having University Health Network(Michener Institute) taught and Trained Imaging technologists for up-to-standard service and staff. Another example, appointment times outside of regular business hours may not be something a hospital can accommodate, but PDXN offers both evening and weekend appointments at all three of their locations.

All of the PDXN locations also offer premium modern sonogram equipment operated by Canadian certified technicians and all locations follow a hospital-grade cleaning and disinfection process using quality materials. They offer an online booking system for appointment, in addition to being able to call or simply walk in.

The images (Ultrasound, X-rays and BMD) are reviewed by Specialist Doctors (Radiologist). The report will be sent to your Family doctors or the specialist. Your diagnostic reports will be available as soon as possible for your healthcare team to review. In fact, PDXN also offers an internet-based data storage system for the convenient access of your files at any time by your health care team.

If you are a critical needs patient, PDXN can support you by providing quicker turn around services.

PDXN Ultrasound Lab Scarborough - Safely Diagnose, Monitor or Treat a Condition

If you’ve never visited an ultrasound lab in Scarborough before, you may have questions. Ultrasound scans (also known as sonograms) are a frequently used, safe way to diagnose, monitor or treat a condition. The common image that is called to mind when thinking of an ultrasound is for pregnancy, but it has many other uses, including the musculoskeletal system.

Go Online to Learn More – PDXN.CA

Some ultrasound appointments will require a bit of preparation beforehand, but PDXN has a comprehensive website ( that lists the variety of procedures offered with corresponding direction should any be needed.

Going online to visit the PDXN website will allow you to learn more about the ultrasound you are required to have, as well as the list of reasons and accreditations that make Premier Diagnostic Network the obvious option for your ultrasound lab in Scarborough.

As mentioned above, PDXN has three convenient locations for you to choose from:

Bellesmere Medical Diagnostic Centre (located at Bellamy Road and Ellesmere Road),
Brimley Medical Diagnostic Centre (located at Brimley Road and Sheppard Avenue), and;
MarkSteeles Diagnostic Centre (located at Markham Road and Steeles Avenue).

And you can even book your appointment online in a few simple steps.

Let PDXN show you how committed they are to your health and well being by booking an appointment today to visit an ultrasound lab in Scarborough for your diagnostic needs.